Product Development

At PMI we aim to create memorable experiences that extend beyond the product itself. We take great pride in our brands and strive to thoughtfully develop consumer-focused products.

  • Design

    Our talented industrial, graphic and engineering design teams are the creative core of our product development. They are driven to create consumer experiences that manifest and transcend our brands’ promises.

    We design our products using a consumer-centric process, utilizing research, consumer insights and market expertise. Our teams leverage the latest hardware and software tools, rapid prototyping equipment, and a constantly evolving knowledge base to develop rewarding consumer experiences.

  • Consumer Research

    We know that our consumers are the backbone of our business, and we engage them every step of the way in product development. By understanding how our consumers think, feel and move, we’re able to create products that meet their needs and enhance their everyday experiences.

    We partner with firms to interview consumers about their needs and wants within our category as well as identifying gaps in the marketplace. This information is then analyzed and shared with specialists in product development, design, manufacturing and marketing. These insights into our consumer have consistently set us apart, and enable us to create winning product time and time again.

  • Manufacturing

    We develop over 200 new products annually, constantly innovating and becoming more efficient through the use of the latest manufacturing technology.

    Just like the products we design, our manufacturing methods keep sustainability and the environment at the forefront. We work to reduce environmental impact through energy, waste and water conservation.

    Our factories are guided by our Code of Conduct, including strict criteria for safety and health. We actively search for and work with factories that not only can manufacture our products but also provide a good working environment for their workers.