PMI Worldwide Publishes 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report

PMI Worldwide Publishes 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report

PMI Worldwide’s 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report marks more than a decade of transparency on our commitment to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing, and social impact. These annual reports are a critical part of upholding our values, tracking our progress, and sharing both our successes and challenges.

With this report, we announce our next set of ambitious, long-term environmental goals. These goals are aligned with scientific evidence and with the ambitions of many of our leading customers. We are focused on championing reusability solutions, sourcing sustainable materials, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chains.

In addition to establishing these industry-leading goals, in 2020 we also:

  • Decreased greenhouse gas emissions associated with shipping by 18 percent despite business growth
  • Screened 100% of our manufacturing suppliers for environmental and social criteria
  • Expanded our efforts to collect monthly data from suppliers on working conditions and energy usage
  • Achieved elimination of plastic polybags in 85 percent of active SKUs
  • Exceeded our commitment to donate 1 percent of prior year’s net income to charitable organizations
  • Donated more than 100,000 products, primarily to healthcare workers and emergency personnel on the frontlines of the global pandemic
  • Continued to improve the quantity and quality of our reported data, with additional disclosures on emissions, electricity, and supplier diversity

Learn more about our progress and commitments in our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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