PMI Joinease Factory Culture and Community

PMI Joinease Factory Culture and Community PMI Joinease began as a small family tooling business in Hong Kong, growing into a fledgling factory in Dong Guan before evolving into today’s mature manufacturing facility, located in the northern Guangdong province near beautiful Mount Luofu. In 2005, Joinease and PMI leaders united their similar visions to create the joint venture factory, PMI Joinease Plastics & MetalContinue reading “PMI Joinease Factory Culture and Community”

Social Key Performance Indicators

Social Key Performance Indicators PMI enjoys long-term partnerships with their suppliers, thanks to careful selection and a diligent on-boarding process. By taking a long view, PMI can work with partner factories to continuously make improvements and meet challenges ranging from market pressures to labor shortages.  With a commitment to fostering and maintaining factories that are great places to work, PMIContinue reading “Social Key Performance Indicators”

A lighter brighter supply chain

A lighter brighter supply chain From energy-efficient offices and factories to learning more about the suppliers of its raw materials, PMI entered 2017 with a smaller carbon footprint. 2014–2015 Greening PMI’s operations From 2014 to 2015, greenhouse gas emissions from PMI’s operations dropped by 15%, mainly due to remodeling one of its offices. 2015 Taking carbon out ofContinue reading “A lighter brighter supply chain”

PMI Honored to Receive Outdoor Industry Award

PMI Honored to Receive Outdoor Industry Award It’s been ten years since PMI joined the Outdoor Industry Association’s Sustainability Working Group. That day, together with outdoor brand leaders such as Patagonia, North Face and Columbia, PMI committed to build environmental and social responsibility into its products and supply chain. Since then, PMI has met twice a year with thisContinue reading “PMI Honored to Receive Outdoor Industry Award”

2016 Global Philanthropy Data

2016 Global Philanthropy Data PMI Global Philanthropy focuses on children, education and the environment, supporting numerous organizations in the communities where PMI operates. Individual PMI offices contribute employee volunteer time, product donations and financial support, and PMI donates quarterly to local organizations nominated by employees through the company’s employee-driven Grassroots Giving Program. In 2016, global financial donations exceeded 1% of NIBT. Additionally, PMI donated financially to 41 global organizations, volunteeredContinue reading “2016 Global Philanthropy Data”

Solar Panels Light Up PMI Joinease

Solar Panels Light Up PMI Joinease Since 2009, PMI has been uncovering ways to shrink the carbon footprint of its factories. In 2014, they reached a turning point: finding fewer and fewer reductions to be made, PMI looked up, to rooftop solar energy systems. In 2016, work began on installing photovoltaic solar panels atop four factory roofs at PMI Joinease. Spanning 10,000 square meters, theContinue reading “Solar Panels Light Up PMI Joinease”

2016 Environmental KPIs

2016 Environmental KPIs PMI provides a system for its suppliers to assess their environmental performance through comprehensive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs measure energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste reduction and recycling. This system allows them to make and track environmental improvements year after year.  Factories are assessed and compared on a per 10,000 unitsContinue reading “2016 Environmental KPIs”

Responsibly Made in China: Update

Responsibly Made in China: Update PMI is committed to responsible and ethical manufacturing practices. Since implementing their Code of Conduct in 1998, they have worked with their suppliers to make continuous improvements. PMI has factories in several countries—Brazil, China, Spain, Thailand and the US—but manufacturing is concentrated in China, where PMI has found some of the highest quality factoriesContinue reading “Responsibly Made in China: Update”

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