Diversity Matters

Everyone at PMI shares a common vision to develop high-quality, sustainable products for our customers. We believe in a workplace culture of inclusivity and respect and that differing perspectives, cultures, and experiences enrich our performance. Our best work is accomplished together. Together, we are One Team.
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We believe in culture add, not culture fit.

PMI prioritizes diversity and inclusion by hiring those who bring new ideas and backgrounds. We seek colleagues who spark innovation and creativity. We look for people who will push us to expand how we bring our values to life around the world.

We lead with empathy.

We aspire to create a workplace environment where employees bring their whole selves to work. We listen. We question. We learn. We encourage. We amplify. We serve.

We cultivate inclusive brands.

PMI’s brands are meaningful and rich in history. We work to increase representation in our product designs, brand ethos, and partners.

We have work to do.

We are committed to evolving our culture and being champions for diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We must raise our expectations and hold ourselves accountable in everything we do.

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