Innovating Sustainably

Innovating Sustainably

PMI is about more than thermoses. We’re experts in the practicalities of eating and drinking on the go. And how materials are sourced is just as essential as the final product’s function and design.

That’s why we strive to control every facet of the supply chain, from the choice of raw or recycled materials, to how the finished product reaches market. How do we do this? By owning and operating one of the greenest injection molding facilities in the world.

And by considering the following questions through each step of design:

  • Does any aspect of this product fall short of our customers’ needs?
  • Is there another material that reduces our overall impact on the environment?
  • Can we source this material without compromising our commitment to treating people, and the environment, with respect?
  • Will this material enhance, or compromise, the finished product’s performance and longevity?

Aladdin® Supports The Nature Conservancy

PMI is strengthening this commitment to global sustainability through a new partnership with The Nature Conservancy®.

PMI Headquarters Is Now An Energy Star Building

For PMI, energy efficiency is just one part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce its environmental impact wherever it operates. Now, PMI’s Seattle headquarters is an Energy Star building.
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